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About Sue-Soul-To-Sole-Hull

About Sue

Reflexology has been a big part of my life, and the health benefits have been amazing. I had an operation years ago that didn't work and that left me in constant pain. I’d had enough of taking pain killers as they just masked the problem and I couldn't function properly.

It was then that I decided to try some different holistic therapies as well as Reflexology.  I tried Reiki which was also amazing and  Indian Head massage. The relief I got was really good so I decided to ditch the pain killers and go down the holistic therapy route.

This inspired me to start training in 2013, to help myself and other people doing an assortment of therapies to cater for everyone. My husband Andy suffers from Arthritis, and I can now keep this under control for him with my assortment of therapies.

I also meditate quite a lot, which calms the mind and relaxes the body.  I am also a Meditation Teacher which comes in handy, I quite often talk my clients through meditation as I am doing a treatment. I also encourage my clients to do some deep breathing, this also helps as part of the relaxation process. We don't tend to breath properly half the time these days so, get deep breathing and get some oxygen into those lungs!.


I have now achieved many accreditations of  different therapies that treat from head to toe, hence the name SOUL TO SOLE. Its not just a job to me, I really enjoy doing my therapies and get a lot of pleasure in helping my clients. My aim is to bring health, happiness and well-being to all my clients, friends and family.

What I love about holistic therapies is, they treat the whole body, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. This kind of healing is much kinder than being in constant pain and popping pills. I have come to realise that if one part of the body is out of sorts, this can affect the rest of the body.  It has a knock on effect of not sleeping very well, not eating very well, being in constant pain and feeling sluggish.

I compare the body to a car engine, your car needs petrol, oil, mot and a service. Your body needs food, water, oxygen and energy to function properly. If you are in pain, stressed, tired or not functioning very well, it’s your body’s way of crying out for help so please don’t ignore it.

I have found that stress plays a major role in many people’s lives, under great pressure at work, running a home and providing for their families. Bring some calm in to your life and give the holistic therapy route a try. It has a deeply calming effect on the body, bringing your body back to its balanced state.

I am a good listener and take care and attention in helping you choose the right therapy for your condition. Your well being is very important to me ,so don't hesitate to give me a all and let me help you.

I will always explain how my therapies work, what to expect in the treatment and about after care.  I find work very rewarding and I have always had very positive feedback from my clients, live, love and be happy.

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