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Angel Healing Therapy

£50 1 hour

Angel healing therapy is performed by an Archangel practitioner, this a spiritual healing, that works closely with your guardian angels and Archangels (kind of Managers of the angel world). The angelic healing works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. With the assistance of our angels, they guide us and help to clear our pathways and move us through the many challenges we create. Connecting with them will create more peace in your life; they can give clear guidance in many areas. Finances, relationships, health, and tapping into your life’s purpose.

What are Angels and how they can help with Angel therapy?

They are practical helpers who intervene if asked, in our everyday lives, but you have to ask for their help because angels don’t and won’t, impose on anyone’s freewill. You only have to ask for help and they are immediately by your side. Angel healing therapy has to be requested too, it has to be your choice to heal and be more balanced.

Angel healing therapy and their roles

They each have unique roles in how they can help you in life, the list is endless. They work alongside your guardian angel as well; they know you better than anyone else as they have been with you all your life. You only have to ask for help and they are there by your side to comfort, and direct you in life. The seven Archangels work on dedicated chakras to help you heal and move forward in life with their very powerful angel healing therapy.

What to expect and the Benefits of Angel therapy

A cleansing hand wash is given to immediately uplift you, you will then draw an Archangel card.  This determines which Archangel is working with you at the present time.  You will also choose a pack on Angel cards and you will receive seven messages that the angels want you to know.  These cards relate to what is required for the healing with the Archangels.

The energy from the Archangels will be channelled through me, which is a deeply calming experience.  You will be laid on a comfortable therapy bed with relaxing music and be given the exact treatment you need.  You may get visions, or see colours and feel different sensations, everyone is different.  What I can guarantee is that your guardian Angel and the Archangels will comfort you and shower you will love.

They can help you with fear, physical pain and accelerate healing, help you to release anger, give you the courage you need, clear blockages in your body and cut cords that affect your health. They will help with your higher consciousness, giving the divine knowledge that you need. They help you to feel inspired, and assist in making peace.

They shower you with deep love for yourself and others. They can help you with fertility issues, assist you in feeling grounded, and help you to be creative, lift your mood, lighten depression, and feel rejuvenated. They help you to forgive yourself and others, encourage justice, emotions and give you unconditional love and comfort. They help us to release anger or shame and guide us towards freedom.

You are encouraged to face your fears, confidence can be increased, and help us with motivation. Your angels and archangels with always protect you, they love you very much. Angelic beings are of such a high vibration, they guide the collective consciousness towards a greater state of enlightenment, love and understanding.

Archangels are divine healers on all levels; they assist with healing, wisdom and guidance for your highest and greatest good. By working will all seven Archangels, they work on individual chakras to help with many health problems, and clearing blockages and helping you heal.

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Call Sue on 07899 792235 or use the contact form to send her an email.

What are Chakra’s?

Chakras are a way of describing the flow of subtle energy. They are said to be wheels of life that carry the vehicle of the body we travel in. Everything that happens to us on an emotional level has an energetic impact on the subtle body, which in turn has an impact on the physical body. They are non-physical energy centres, located in the centre of the body and extend about an inch away from the physical body, they look like vortexes.

The energy field of each chakra extends beyond the visible body of matter, into the subtle body or aura. Chakras are often said to be related to an endocrine gland, which the chakra is thought to influence. With stress, the chakra can lose their ability to synchronise with each other and become unbalanced. If negativity energy becomes stored in a chakra, it can accumulate and the function of the chakra becomes impaired.

Ultimately this can lead to energy blocks where the chakra virtually ceases to function and creates an imbalance as the other chakras attempt to compensate for the blocked centre, creating additional strain for the energy system. Around the body the chakras form an aura; it is this that forms the connection between the physical and ethereal. The aura is both a communicator and a protector.

Angelic Tuning Forks

Angelic tuning forks are also used for clearing the aura and your energy field. They invite the presence of angels and clear blocked energy in healing treatments. They encourage spiritual insights and experiences, manifestation of inspiration and a meditative calm state. They connect with the angelic higher powers and open creative expression. They are based on the ninth octave of the overtone series, and they open the passageway to angelic kingdoms. Is it for me? The angelic realms are the next step for those already on a spiritual path, who are ready to go deeper.

Angel and Archangel Card Reading

This is not the same as fortune telling, by connecting with them through the cards you will receive healing messages.  The messages you receive in this reading supports the healing I am about to give.  The reading offers guidance to empower you to heal and move on in life.

You will receive their loving guidance immediately and often, the guidance will encourage you to take a direction of internal discovery. They will reveal the steps needed to take you towards peace and happiness.  The cards are full of inspirational, supportive and motivating messages.

I also run workshops

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