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Ear Candling


Ear Candling

£25.00 / 45 minutes

Ear candling and the magic of fire has fascinated people from the very beginning of time. Control of the element gave light and warmth.

Ear candles evoke a similar fascination and have been used by many cultures, as an effective natural therapy.  There is evidence that both Native American Indians and Ancient Egyptians used ear candling.

This treatment is also known as “Thermo Auricular Therapy”, and also “Ear drawing”. The ancient art of ear candling was brought to Europe in 1985, since then, the medical benefits of the candles have been researched and their popularity becoming more established.

Hopi candles are sheets of high quality cotton, soaked in honey and beeswax. These can be impregnated with herbs which are rolled into a hollow tube.

How Does Ear Candling Work?

Being hollow, the candles operate like a chimney. Heat from the top end warms the air inside the tube, which then circulates up and down the tube.

The warm air stimulates the eardrum and the Eustachian tube behind it. This creates changes, or equalization in pressure within the ear and the sinuses.

While the candles are burning, the herbs impregnated in the material are vaporised and inhaled. This flows through the nose and lungs, enhancing the effect of the treatment.

What can I expect?

Laying on comfortable therapy bed on your side, a candle is inserted into your Ear canal.  Some nice, calming music will be played so you can completely relax.

You will start to hear a crackling noise, this is where the chimney effect comes in. It starts to draw Wax and Sinus from your ear.  Both ears are done in the same way, followed by a gentle, relaxing massage of the forehead, in front and behind the ears, and sinus points on the face.

A lymphatic drainage is performed on the chest area so that everything is flowing as it should.  It is a very calming treatment and leaves you deeply relaxed.


Sinusitis and Rhinitis





Ear problems when flying


Compacted wax

Chronic catarrh

Divers/Swimmers/Surfers ear

Sea sickness/Motion sickness

Meniere’s disease

Making A Difference

Suffering with sinus congestion or excess wax can affect your hearing and sense of smell.  You may also suffer headaches, and can make you feel miserable.  You feel like you can’t breathe properly and this can make you tired, even make you snore.

Modern World

We all get so wrapped up in everyday life and forget about how you can improve things for the better.  By having this treatment, it calms the mind, helps you breathe more easily and your hearing is improved.

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