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How can an Archangel Practitioner help you?


An Archangel practitioner can help you by connecting to your guardian Angel, and seven Archangels.  Your guardian angel has been with you since birth, so they know everything about you.

Archangels can help in many ways, and because they are always happy to help.  They will never interfere with your life, but if you ask them for help they will.

The seven archangels work on individual chakras to help with many health problems. They clear any blockages in the body, because this helps you to heal. They each have unique roles in how they can help you in life so, the list is endless.



Chakras are a way of describing the flow of subtle energy.  They are said to be wheels of life that carry the vehicle of the body we travel in.  Everything that happens to us on an emotional level, so this has an energetic impact on the subtle body. When this happens, it has an impact on the physical body.

They are non-physical energy centres, located in the centre of the body and extend about an inch away from the physical body. When you are stressed, a chakra can lose their ability to synchronise with each other so they become unbalanced.  When chakras become blocked, its not good because it puts a strain on your energy system.

The Archangels can help in all areas of your life, from pain, fear, emotonal release.  They offer protection and courage, and even lift your mood, so if your down in the dumps it great.  Sometimes, in life we feel stuck and need love and compassion, so they can help you to moveforward.

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