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Indian Head massage to revitalise

Indian Head Massage to revitalise

Indian head massage can be amazingly revitalizing. It is a perfect pick me up for those times when energy levels are low but demands of living are high.

Indian Head massage has been an integral part of every day life in India. According to their custom, a weekly massage is recommended for men and women to maintain a healthy balance. This promotes soft skin and strong shiny hair

In the west, they tend to view the scalp as independent from the rest of the body.

Most Indian women continue to massage their heads with nourishing oils and are rewarded with the long, vibrant, glossy hair.

The therapeutic effects of Indian Head massage lasts long after the treatment is over.

Indian head massage given regularly can:

  • Improve the condition of your hair and skin,
  • A younger look
  • A fresh and more attractive appearance.
  • Relief of pain and stiffness
  • Increased mobility in the neck and shoulder area
  • Relief of tension headaches and eye strain
  • Nasal congestion
  • Increased energy levels
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Greater creativity and concentration
  • A sense of calm and well-being
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased self-esteem and self worth
  • Helps with Sinusitis and migraines

As physical aches and pains are rubbed away, you will start to feel calmer and more able to cope with daily pressures.

You will feel extremely relaxed and in a positive frame of mind, the peace and quiet of massage allows the mind the time to relax and recharge.


Indian Head massage – Case Study – Computer aided tension

Steve 38, works as a busy design technician where deadlines were always tight. He often spent all day at his computer with very few breaks.

When Steve was working, he didn’t notice how tense his muscles had become. It was only when he stopped that his body felt stiff and painful. He often went home with aching eyes, a sore head and a fuddled brain.

He decided to try the Indian head massage, he enjoyed it so much that he booked in for a weekly massage.

Afterwards, he felt alert and focused and seemed to be able to get the work done much quicker with a more creative flare.

He still works long hours, but it has encouraged him to take more breaks away from his desk.

He enjoys his evenings far more now because he doesn’t have so many aches and pains. His children also commented that he was far less grumpy!

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