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Inner Child Education Workshops

£120 one to one Roughly 3 hours 30 minutes


Inner child Education workshops are a great way to start working, and healing  your Inner child. The Inner child is part of your human psyche, and best described as one of those Russian dolls where there is one inside the other, inside the other, and hidden deep within you.  You know when people say 'your just like your mum or your just like your dad. You mostly likely are because they have moulded you into their way and their beliefs. Our childhood makes us believe and act as your parents wanted you to, and your Inner child goes into hiding in order to cope.

Inner child education workshops involve looking back at your childhood, and being totally honest with yourself about what you may have lacked.  It will really open your eyes when you realise the things you needed and wasn't given, this was a real eye opener for me, as I always thought my childhood was alright but it was far from it.  From the age of  10, my dad suffered several nervous breakdowns. Because of this, I then realised that I didn't get as much love, attention, affirmation and approval that I should have had.

I had indeed suffered emotional trauma, which lead to me taking responsibility to re-parent myself now in adulthood. I also grew up with their beliefs which made a huge impact on me and totally lost my authentic self.  My mental and emotional issues that I brought into adulthood was due to my upbringing.

We have all have different childhood trauma's, depending on how your parents treated you.  Did they expect too much from you?, was you surrounded by anger and negativity, or violence?. Did they teach you respect, balance, right from wrong? Did you feel wanted, did they show you love, and give you the attention and direction you needed.  Were they they for you when you needed them, did they encourage you and spend time with you? If not, you definitely suffered neglect. Inner child Education workshops and techniques will spark empathy and compassion, for yourself and others.


Whatever neglect or abuse you suffered, it will have impacted on your whole life, causing you to lose your true spirit.

Mental/Emotional neglect

Sexual abuse

Physical neglect

In Adulthood, your beliefs lead to your behaviours now and some people have trouble with things like:


Addictive behaviours like over eating, being aggressive, workaholic, over spending or hoarding

Thought distortions


Over achieving

Needy behaviour, and more

Emotional or mental difficulties


Drug dependant

Alcohol dependant

Act like an adult one minute and a child the next

Stress and Anxiety

End up in bad relationships

Fear of abandonment

Feel like they are not good enough

Believe all love is fake

No Empathy

Lack of compassion

No confidence

No Boundaries

Negative beliefs about yourself

You feel like you have to hide your real self in order to cope with what society expects of you.  You can end up in relationships that are no good for you, and make wrong life choices.

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Inner child work is all about releasing trapped feelings, cleansing and healing your Inner wounds that are deep inside.  This is done over a period of time, and cannot be rushed as some trapped feelings can be painful so you need space to do that (usually a 1 month gap) in between each session.  Its about taking responsibility and reclaiming different parts of your life so you can be your authentic self again.  Its about freeing yourself from emotional/mental difficulties you experience now as an adult, and to break the cycles of negative self-talk and self-sabotage. Inner child work also sparks empathy, and facing emotions such as fear and anger by getting to the core of your problems.

A major step in Inner child therapy is for you to see your own innocence, you cannot be held responsible for driving your parents to neglect or abuse you.  A breakthrough for many people comes when they fully realise the extent or their own Innocence.  It doesn't matter if you were a difficult, or an easy child, you deserved your needs met and a life free of neglect and abuse. It is really important to stop blaming yourself, in order for you to heal.

It is common that parents who were neglectful or abusive, had their own difficult childhoods.  While it is helpful for you to realise this, and recognise that this will have affected their parents 'parenting abilities'. You should remember that this is not an excuse, but can be an explanation. This can be a very difficult step for you to take, because you may find it hard to hold them accountable and responsible.  Also you may fear a shift in a relationship that will result, and the uncertain outcome this may bring.

While you cannot force your parents to take responsibility, you can be very clear in your own mind about where the responsibility lies.  This can create a monumental shift in your life, but be assured that by healing the inner child, you are now taking responsibility for your own life.

When you first make contact with our Inner child, the experience can be overwhelming and upsetting, but re-connecting with your Inner child will feel like a homecoming and time for transformation.  Inner child work allows you to deal with your unresolved grief from abuse, abandonment, neglect, and emotional enmeshment's with family members.

This initial workshop will involve connecting to your Inner child through meditation, you will then be given techniques to start healing your Inner child. These new habits and techniques are designed to replace old ways of thinking and functioning. This helps you to change the direction of your life, so you can begin to maximise your potential and heal from emotional and mental issues that are holding you back. There will be more sessions to follow, which involves reclaiming different parts of your life.  You will reclaim your Infant self, Toddler self, Pre-school self, School age self and Adolescent self.



1. A full understanding that your mental health is a direct result of your upbringing
2. Getting in touch with your emotions, as this is a crucial part of Inner child therapy
3. How to communicate with your Inner child on a daily basis
4. Recognising that the Inner child has been hidden away because of the strength of their emotions
5. Being aware that this type of work can spark powerful memories, traumatic or loving
6. Inner child emotions need to be expressed by (Anger, Crying) etc and should be treat with respect
7. Techniques you can use
8. Taking a long, hard look at your past to recognise the full extent of your neglect
9. Take responsibility for yourself and start the healing process
10. Feel the feelings
11. Learn to love yourself again
12. Break the self destructive cycle you now have
13. Be empowered to parent yourself so the healing can begin
14. Access the part of your unconscious side of your personality
15. Finding your authentic self again and being able to enjoy life, by fulfilling your potential and purpose
16. The benefits of Inner child therapy, in order to stay psychologically health
17. Experience a shift in mindset

More conscious of your own needs and wants

Be kinder to yourself

Have more compassion and kindness for yourself and others

Love yourself again

Being able to feel again, if you were previously numb

Broaden your mindset and value system

Spiritual development within yourself

Improved relationships with family and loved ones

Feel more comfortable within yourself

Being able to know what you want, and need out of life

Being able to set healthy boundaries with others

Enjoy healthy relationships

Gain confidence in yourself

Pick better romantic partners

Reclaim the real you (your authentic self)

Move forward making the right life choices

My Initial group workshop is £70 or £110 for a one to one session

My reclaiming group workshops are £30 each or £60 one to one sessions

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