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Inner Child work helps you move forward in life


Inner child work is very powerful, and can help you move forward in adulthood, you acknowledge the realisation of how your childhood has affected you.  It is perfectly fine to feel, and admit that your childhood may not have been what you thought it was.

I run Inner child workshops , the work involves releasing trapped feelings, healing and cleansing your Inner wounds that are deep inside of you.  The Inner child is a bit like a Russian dolls you see, where there are smaller dolls inside the bigger dolls.

Inner child work can be upsetting at times, but it is very important to grieve the traumas that you suffered. Inner child work can take anywhere between 6 months to a year, depending on how much you have suffered in childhood. It actually took me 8 months, as when I looked back at my childhood I realised that I had indeed suffered a lot of traumas.

I was quite horrified when I looked back because I honestly thought that mine was ok, this was not the case.  Making notes of my childhood history, I realised that because of my circumstance at the age of 10 that I did not get the four A’s.  These are Affection, Affirmation, Attention and Approval. My dad tried to commit suicide, and suffered a nervous breakdown, he then went on to have another seven breakdowns.

When I reflected back, it was then that the realisation hit me and I found this really upsetting.  Because of what my dad suffered, my mum just put a mask on and carried on without even asking how it had affected me, and how I felt. My dad was lovely, so placid and I thought the world of him but his personality changed because of all the medication he was on.

I did have a lot of good times and happy memories though so its not all bad.  When you suffer emotional neglect as child, it has a massive impact on you.  I had to carry on as if nothing had happened and that trauma got locked deep inside, my poor inner child went into hiding.  I also suffered several traumas as most of us do in life, I was made to just carry on as if nothing had happened.

It can also massively affect you if you did not have essential conditions in your childhood.  These are things like food, shelter, care, clothing, love and support.  Neglect can be unintentional, as many parents are not able to take care of a child for various reasons.

Whether you suffered emotional abuse, Physical abuse or sexual abuse, this is then taken with you into adulthood.  When we have gone Un-mothered or Un-fathered for whatever reason, this has shaped our lives and stories.  You know when people say ‘your just like your mum’ or ‘your just like your dad’ well you probably are because, they have moulded you into their ways and their beliefs.

You can grow up thinking you are unlovable, or that all love is fake and life is full of misery and so on.  You can grow up and be controlling, aggressive, domineering etc because of how you were treated, and you think its the right way to behave.

Some people suffer depression, substance abuse, have emotional numbness, suffer anxiety and more.  Your mental health is very likely to be a direct result of your upbringing. My workshops are designed to take you back in time on each one, I also give you homework after each one. See my website page for more information

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