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Reflexology for Circulation

It is important for blood to flow freely throughout the body. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues by removing waste products and harmful toxins. It is important that the blood vessels contract and relax for proper functioning.


Stress and Tension tighten up the cardiovascular system and restrict blood flow. Circulation becomes sluggish, by reducing stress and  tension, reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally and easily.

How it works

The feet are a mirror image of the body, containing all your organs, glands, nerves and other parts of the body. It is a unique method of using the fingers and thumbs on these reflex areas. By massaging and using pressure points of the feet, blockages are released bring harmony to your body.

When one part of the body is out of sync, it affects other parts and this can leave you feeling sluggish, tired and irritable.  We are a bit like a car engine, it needs fuel and oil and a regular service.  By having reflexology regular, it keeps the body working in perfect harmony.

Reflexology is preventive health care

Preventative health care is becoming more important, as we realise the dangers like stress, fatigue, poor air quality.  The strain on everyone’s immune system with our busy life styles affects our health, take time out everyday to relax and unwind, let your body rest and revitalise. It is only when the body is well balanced the a person is in good shape to ward off illness.

Reflexology has become more popular, it is beneficial to keep well balanced.  By having regular treatments, you are able to function much better will your daily tasks.  Also by having time out, this gives you the time and space that your body needs.

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