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Reflexology to Detox your body

Reflexology for detoxing the body, also clears any blockages to create balance and harmony.

When one part of the body becomes blocked or doesn’t function properly, toxins and waste build up.

A healthy body is like a healthy home, you have to take the garbage out regularly. By deepening relaxation with reflexology, it will bring balance all the systems of the body. This improves the function more efficiently, including those that eliminate waste products. For all organs, glands and body parts to work in harmony, they have to function properly. If one part is out of whack, other parts will suffer.

By having reflexology, your body will run smoothly and leave you feeling good and well balanced. Working on the twelve body systems will leave you feeling healthy and happy which is essential for your well-being.

To keep the body running harmoniously, a tune up is often needed. As after a car service, the end result is a machine that runs smoothly, with all its parts contributing synergistically. By relaxing and opening up energy pathways, reflexology revitalizes the body and supplies it with energy on all levels.


Reflexology for Weight loss

Clients who have regular reflexology, along with a controlled diet lose weight. They say that they feel so good after a treatment that they want to watch what they eat. Its a vicious circle of feeling bad about yourself so you eat comfort foods to make yourself feel better. Reflexology give you the feel good factor so your more likely to ditch the snacks.


Reflexology helps to Detox Cancer sufferer.

I had a family member who was suffering from cancer, she was usually weak and had very little energy to perform normal daily activities. I gave her regular reflexology sessions and she always responded with renewed strength and energy. Doctors were amazed by what she could do when reflexology was an ongoing part of her life. Although the cancer didn’t go into remission, her energy levels improved considerably.

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