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Reiki Attunements in Hull

Reiki Attunement level one.

Reiki attunement level one is an amazing experience, teaching you how to work with spiritual energy.  Once you have made the decision to take the course, you need to find the Reiki master who is right for you.  Every Reiki master is unique, you should always choose someone you like, trust and respect.

Look up the Reiki Federation, this is a good place to start as you know they are registered, you will find me on there and they also advertise me.   The other way is being recommended by a friend, they will always give you an accurate verdict of their experience.  Let your intuition and your common sense guide you and you will not go far wrong.

It is always advisable to book one or two Reiki sessions with them, this gives you an idea of what Reiki feels like and to make sure you are comfortable with your teacher.

This is how I started on the path of being a Reiki Master, I popped into a shop on a rainy day and noticed they did treatments.  I booked one, then another and before I knew it I was hooked. One of the biggest reasons I had for following this path is the pain relief I had.

Reiki Attunement

A Reiki Attunement is a special, spiritual experience bringing balance and harmony to your body.  It works on the physical, emotional, metal and the spiritual elements.  I put protection in my room,  and cleanse it thoroughly with sage, I then call my highest Reiki guides to assist me with the attunement, also draw the appropriate symbols into my palms. I play my Reiki music and seat you in Gassho (prayer position) and cleanse your Aura before I begin.  You will be asked to do three deep breaths and say in your head “I am happy to receive this attunement from Sue”

I then stand behind you, opening your crown to receive the appropriate symbols.  I then take your hands and raise them in the air and again, draw the appropriate symbols into your hands.  I then come round the front of you and put the power symbol into your consciousness (third eye).  Next, I draw the power symbol into both your palms.  I then make my way behind you and channel a ball of white healing light through your crown chakra and seal it in at your heart chakra.  I then pronounce that you are a successful and confident Reiki healer.

Many of my students see colours, even though they have their eyes closed. Some will see visions and feel heat or cold.  I have know students to feel emotional, this is normal as everyone experiences different things.


To get the most out of your attunement, you should detox for several days beforehand.  Try to minimise your consumption of caffeine drinks, such as tea, coffee and fizzy drinks.

Also try to cut out sweet or fatty foods and chocolate. Try and eat healthy and cut out red meat as this is hard to digest, this will all help with you receiving the pure energy on the day with less after effects.

After the attunement

After the attunement, you will feel very calm, relaxed and can be more intuitive.  You will be taught the history of Reiki and its principles, be taught the importance of gratitude. It will be explained how Reiki works and how it synchronises with the receiver, the healer is a channel for this loving, gentle energy.

Reiki always goes to where it is needed and always works for your highest good.  The brilliant thing is that, every time you give a treatment, you also receive a treatment so its brilliant.

After attunement you will need to do 21 days of self healing on yourself , before you offer Reiki to anyone else.  This is your healing period to balance your chakra’s and to make sure you are healed and balanced.

You will also have the use of symbol on level one, the power symbol.  This has many uses and connects you to the energy, like a light switch being turned on.  You can also use this symbol for protection which is very important, being a healer.


Reiki is for life, I’m so glad I did all three levels because it truly is amazing.  You can self heal, anytime you want and your guides will always be around you and will help in any way they can.  They are always working so hard behind the scenes for your highest good.

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