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Reiki level 2 process and use

Reiki level two, the emotional and the distance symbol are channelled. You will be  competent in drawing and using the symbols before leaving my class. You will also receive a manual on completion which explains everything in great detail.

The symbols must not be shared with anyone else, unless they are the same level as you or master level. The Reiki symbols are sacred and should be honoured as such.

Second degree Reiki is about continued self-healing and growth, but it also broadens your knowledge and healing skills. This enables you to help others to heal and grow, once you have received this attunement, you are then classed as a practitioner.  You cannot practice and charge until you have completed your 21 days healing crises.


Healing Crisis

You need to be used to the new energy before you start using it on anyone else. I always think that each level you do, it’s like turning your heating up because you will notice a considerable difference.

I would certainly recommend it for anyone wishing to practice Reiki professionally. This attunement gives you a wide range of additional techniques to offer your potential clients. It is also beneficial for people who want to use Reiki more effectively on their own inner-spiritual development.

It’s not about gaining another qualification and additional skills in a healing technique, its much deeper than that. It is a significant step along your personal healing journey, and one which takes you closer to living Reiki making an essential part of your daily life.

The Attunement

On this spiritual empowerment you will be asked to sit in Gassho position and do some nice deep breaths. I will call my highest Reiki guides to assist me in this very special experience. I then channel the appropriate symbols into your crown, third eye and hands.

During the attunement, some people see lots of colours or have visions but everyone is different. My clients always say what a wonderful experience it has been, so exciting and uplifting.

Mental and Emotional symbol

When the symbols are used, they are like keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness. Reiki symbols have their own consciousness, and it is possible to meditate on them and receive guidance. Over time, you will build up a relationship with them and discover many uses for them.

In Reiki level 1 you have already received the power symbol. When you have received the emotional and distance symbol, the power symbol boosts them both up.

The emotional symbol is used for mental and emotional issues. It balances the left and right side of the brain, bringing harmony and peace. It is especially useful for healing relationship problems, also any sort of mental and emotional distress. It helps with nervousness, depression, fear, anger, grief, sadness and lack of self worth.

It can be used to heal addictions, including problems with weight loss and smoking. It can also be used to improve the memory and  enhance the use of affirmation, causing them to enter more deeply into the subconscious mind.

It can be used to change or eliminate unwanted habits. All you need to do is write your name on a piece of paper along with the unwanted habit, along with the symbol.


How to use

Hold it between your hands and channel Reiki. This will send Reiki to the parts of your mind and emotions that relate to the unwanted habit, and begin healing them. Take this paper everywhere with you if you feel you need to repeat the process, 20 minutes is advised for this process.

Healing the emotional body, we release anger, fear and stress and depression. Anger, resentment, hostility and jealousy are replaced b a feeling of calm and acceptance and trust. This can then become unconditional love, for both us and others. The most difficult person to learn to love is our self as we are often our own worst critics.

We tend to focus on what is wrong with us, rather than what is right. The emotion of love is the key to all healing in my experience. On many occasions, I have sent distance healing for clients or family in hospital or at their home.

I can’t bear for anyone to suffer so I step right into action wherever I am and send healing to them. I have used emotional healing for myself after losing my parents, also after operations that I’ve had which gave me a massive sense of calm.


The Distance symbol

The distance symbol is an energetic equivalent of a time machine and can be used to send Reiki into the past or into the future. With this symbol you can step outside of this time and space and send the healing to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you’ve gone through a bad experience in the past, you can send Reiki back to the time to heal so you can move on.

On many occasion, I have sent distance healing for clients or family in hospital or at their home when they can’t make it to me. I can’t bear for anyone to suffer so I step right into action wherever I am and send healing to them.

I have also used it for when I’ve had a dentist appointment. I just set the intention, use the symbols and off it goes, it’s there waiting for me to keep me calm and feel safe and protected. You can use it for whatever you want and wherever you want in the world as distance is no barrier.

I can be sat in a room with people and send it across the room if they require. The absolute MUST is that you ask their permission to send Reiki as not everyone understands or even wants it.

I often send it to friends if they are going through a difficult time and getting stressed out. It calms them straight away and helps them to deal with things more effectively, because Reiki is well known to give your clearer thinking.


Self healing

I have done many courses and I’m now training to be a Archangel practitioner, lots of concentration is needed for this so self healing is great. You can self heal as often as you like, especially if you suffer any ailment or if you can’t sleep.

I often fall to sleep with my hands on my stomach, I find this very soothing. Sometimes I send some Reiki to my bed before I go so that I’m cocooned in it to give me a good night’s sleep. Reiki is all about the intention, big or small you can intent what you want to materialise and its there.

Having spiritually energy flowing through you body, nourishes the organs and cells of the body giving vital support in their functions. It knows what is needed for everyone and everything, charging them with positive energy and raising your vibration. Reiki straightens, heals and brings balance on all levels to the whole body.

I am also a great believer in the Law of attraction; your thoughts are very powerful so you should always keep them positive. Your thoughts are mirrored so you get them back tenfold, so try not to think negative as that is exactly what you will receive back.

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